Wye Valley Event Guide: What’s Happening the Week of March 4-10, 2024?

The breathtaking Wye Valley, acting as the backdrop for various engagements, is once again ready to enchant its visitors with a plethora of events from March 4 to March 10, 2024. These events hold a unique appeal for locals and tourists alike, beckoning them to immerse in the region’s vibrant culture, traditions, and local talents. Here’s a roundup of what’s happening in the week to come.

Art and Craft Fair at the Courtyard Centre for the Arts – March 4

Herefordshire’s leading arts and entertainment venue, the Courtyard Centre for the Arts, is hosting an Art and Craft Fair. This event offers a brilliant opportunity to explore distinctive pieces by local artisans – from handmade jewellery to exquisite pottery, beautiful paintings, and sophisticated textile crafts. A perfect avenue to support local talent and find unique additions to your collections.

The Ross-on-Wye Walking Festival – March 5-7

Join the bustling crowd in a three-day Ross-on-Wye Walking Festival to explore the Wye Valley on foot. It provides a chance to appreciate the scenic landscapes and experience camaraderie with fellow walkers. There’s also a variety of guided walks for all abilities, including family-friendly strolls and challenging treks.

Apple and Pear Pruning Workshop – March 6

Brimming with practical tips and demonstrations, The Apple and Pear Pruning Workshop at Herefordshire’s lovely orchards promises a day of enriching learning. Participants can grasp the basics of pruning these fruit trees, allowing them to enhance the health and productivity of their own apple and pear trees.

The Leominster Antique Market – March 7

At the heart of Herefordshire, the hospitable town of Leominster invites everyone to its long-standing Antique Market. Discover hidden treasures from vintage jewellery, ceramics, and furniture to a fascinating array of collectables. This event further enhances Leominster as the go-to place for unique antique finds.

Perrygrove Railway’s Steam Gala – March 8

Bask in a festive atmosphere full of the nostalgic chuffs and puffs at the Perrygrove Railway’s Steam Gala. In addition to watching an array of steam trains, visitors can take rides on miniature and full-sized trains, and spend a leisurely day exploring other attractions like the Play Carriage, Treasure Hunt, and Vintage Funfair.

Forest of Dean Half Marathon – March 9

Get your runners ready for the enchanting Forest of Dean Half Marathon, a mixed terrain race against the backdrop of woodlands. An ideal event for running enthusiasts, it brings together amateur and professional athletes, offering an exhilarating experience irrespective of one’s skill level.

Abergavenny Farmers Market – March 10

Famed for its local produce and mouth-watering treats, the Abergavenny Farmers Market is a paradise for food lovers. Offering an assortment of cheeses, bread, honey, meats, and seasonal fruits and vegetables. Arts and crafts from local artisans can also be found at this buzzing market.

Whether you are an art aficionado, heritage enthusiast, outdoor adventurer or a food and drink connoisseur, the week of March 4-10, 2024 in Wye Valley is packed with experiences that will leave you with cherished memories. So, layer up and step out to enjoy these diverse events that give you a glimpse of profound beauty, communal spirit, and the vibrant life reverberating through the Wye Valley.

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