Herefordshire Wedding Venues: Discover Stunning Venues

Ever thought about where to find luxury, history, and natural beauty for your wedding?

Herefordshire wedding venues are unmatched, showcasing stunning spots. Marta & Artur, top photographers in Hereford, UK, present the best. They highlight barns, stately homes, and castles, all within two hours from Hereford. These places are nestled in Herefordshire, the Cotswolds, and Mid Wales, showing off the area’s beauty.

If you want luxury and uniqueness on your big day, this guide is for you. Imagine saying your vows in a castle or having a barn reception. Herefordshire has it all, ready to make your day magical.

Key Takeaways

  • Herefordshire boasts varied venues like barns, homes, and castles.
  • Marta & Artur spotlight leading venues close to Hereford, offering luxury and uniqueness.
  • Its natural beauty makes it perfect for unforgettable weddings.
  • There are venues for all types of weddings.
  • This guide helps couples find elegance and uniqueness for their special day.


Introduction to Herefordshire Wedding Venues

Choosing a wedding venue in Herefordshire is exciting. Herefordshire boasts some of the UK’s loveliest locations for weddings2. These places satisfy various desires, from barn settings, to grand houses, to unique spots.

If you’re looking for *affordable Herefordshire wedding venues*, you’ll find many across different landscapes. There are fields, riverscapes, hills, and mountains2. This means each couple can discover a venue that matches their dream, staying within their budget. The county offers everything from elegant country houses to beautiful orchards for special celebrations2.

Herefordshire is also famous for its orchards, key to producing renowned ciders and perry. Although it covers a small part of England’s land2, it holds a big part of the UK’s orchards. *Hereford wedding venues* are diverse, ensuring every couple finds a place that meets their event style and cultural needs.

The wedding spots in Herefordshire offer more than beautiful views. They provide tailored solutions for every couple. Herefordshire venue operators give clear pricing and adjustable quotes for a unique and unforgettable experience3. A wedding here means beauty, happiness, and memories to cherish forever.

Breathtaking Barn Wedding Venues in Herefordshire

Barn wedding venues in Herefordshire and The Cotswolds offer both beauty and practicality. They are perfect for couples.

Modern Barns

Modern barns like The Mill Barns and Hyde House have a contemporary look. They blend old styles with new comforts, providing a stunning setting for weddings. These venues are spacious, allowing for tailored ceremonies and receptions. They are noted for their stylishness, as well as being cost-effective and adaptable.

Rustic Barns

Rustic barns, such as Lower House Farm and Lyde Court, bring a romantic touch. Lyde Court, awarded Herefordshire ‘Wedding Venue of the Year’ in 2016 and 2019, offers centuries of beauty4. Its unspoiled, 400-year-old barns provide a unique and mystical setting for weddings4.

Lower House Farm has lots of outdoor space, perfect for various wedding setups. Lyde Court is near Hereford City centre, making it easy for guests to come4. Feedback from couples like Chris & Louise shows high satisfaction and lasting memories made at these spots4.

Modern Barns Rustic Barns
The Mill Barns Lower House Farm
Hyde House Lyde Court
Contemporary appeal Historic charm
Stylish and functional Enchanting ambiance

Stately Home Wedding Venues: Elegance and Grandeur

Herefordshire boasts luxurious wedding venues known for elegance and grandeur. These stately homes bring history and opulence to your big day.

Dewsall Court

Dewsall Court is a beacon of luxury in Herefordshire, offering gorgeous settings and vast ballrooms. It can adapt to different wedding themes, making it perfect for any dream wedding. Its ability to host grand banquets or elegant outdoor ceremonies shows its versatility.

Brinsop Court

Brinsop Court showcases the splendour of stately home weddings. Its large ballrooms and architectural beauty create a striking wedding backdrop. Enchanting views and varied ceremony options keep Brinsop Court as a top pick for luxurious weddings in Herefordshire. It promises elegance, catering to all weather conditions and themes.

Other Stately Homes

Apart from Dewsall and Brinsop Court, Herefordshire has other splendid venues for luxury weddings. Homme House in Much Marcle brings historical elegance and countryside peace, perfect for grand celebrations5. Pauntley Court offers a lavish setting for up to 300 guests. These venues underline the rich choices in Herefordshire for those seeking a stately home wedding.

These diverse and stunning venues in Herefordshire ensure couples find the perfect spot. Whether seeking a grand historical event or a versatile intimate celebration, there’s a perfect setting for every vision.

Unique and Alternative Wedding Venues

For those seeking a special and memorable wedding, Herefordshire has many unique venues. These spots are known for their bespoke charm. They cater to personalised celebrations, making them top picks for weddings in the area.

Shack Revolution

Located in Hereford city centre, Shack Revolution offers an urban, industrial space ready for customisation. It can host up to 120 guests in its rustic greenhouse and 150 in its urban workshop. This venue is great for couples wanting a modern and stylish wedding day6. Its unique industrial style makes Shack Revolution stand out among Herefordshire wedding venues.


Crumplebury is known for its modern approach and excellent food. Set in beautiful indoor and outdoor areas, it offers contemporary elegance and natural beauty. The venue can accommodate up to 200 guests, handling both small and large celebrations6,7. Crumplebury’s unique charm puts it at the top amongst Herefordshire’s luxurious and modern wedding venues.

Woodland Tipi & Yurt

Woodland Tipi & Yurt is ideal for couples looking to marry in nature’s tranquility. This venue is perfect for immersing in the beauty of the wilderness. With a rustic yet elegant vibe, Woodland Tipi & Yurt is a top choice for nature lovers. Weddings here offer a special connection with the natural world.

Outdoor Wedding Venues Herefordshire

Herefordshire boasts some of the finest outdoor wedding spots. They promise unique chances to marry surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Enchanted Woodland Weddings

Enchanted Woodland Weddings offer a dreamy setting in dense forests. It’s perfect for those wanting a fairytale atmosphere on their wedding day. Many Herefordshire venues, including this, provide complete packages with catering8. This makes planning the wedding simpler. They often have distinct spots for both the ceremony and the party, ensuring everything runs smoothly8. The cost for these places ranges widely, from £1,200 to £8,0001.

The Orchard at Munsley

The Orchard at Munsley stands out as a charming outdoor wedding venue. It’s set among blooming orchards and showcases the natural beauty of Herefordshire. Known as one of the top wedding spots, it offers versatility. Expect venues to charge between £1,200 and £8,0001, including key services like catering and accommodation1.

Selecting a location such as Enchanted Woodland Weddings or The Orchard at Munsley means being surrounded by Herefordshire’s beauty. These spots offer memorable experiences in peaceful settings for those seeking distinctive wedding venues.

Castle Estate Wedding Venues

Castle estate wedding venues in Herefordshire are perfect for a dream wedding. Each venue has historic buildings, beautiful scenery, and many places to stay. This makes every wedding feel like a unique fairy tale.

wedding venues in Herefordshire

Hampton Court Castle

Hampton Court Castle stands out as a luxury spot in Herefordshire. It has 24 special bedrooms for those attending the wedding9. There’s also exclusive use of the Arkwright Wing for pre-wedding nights in a two-day package, which comes with 25 bedrooms10.

This castle offers a royal feel for small or large weddings among beautiful surroundings.

Eastnor Castle

For big weddings, Eastnor Castle is ideal9. It has grand architecture and wide-open grounds. The venue provides 25 unique bedrooms and one that’s easy to get to on the ground floor10.

There’s also a free menu tasting for guests. Plus, the first 50 guests are included in their one-day wedding option10. Its huge space and tailored services mark it as a top choice for weddings in Herefordshire.

Affordable Herefordshire Wedding Venues

Herefordshire has many wedding venues that are easy on the wallet. They range in price from £1,200 to £8,000. Most of them cost between £2,000 and £6,5001. This means you can find a lovely place that fits your budget.

Lyde Court is an example of such affordability. In 2019, it charged £6,000 for Saturdays and Bank Holiday Sundays. Friday and Sunday weddings were £5,000, and from Monday to Thursday, the cost was £4,00011. World Inspired Tents is another great choice, being the most affordable at £1,5001.

The Bowley Court is perfect for a cosier event, charging £50 per person12. For staying over, Lyde Court’s Oast House offers dorm beds at £35 each, breakfast included, which is great for your guests11. The Garden Barn in Bredenbury can have up to 160 guests. It’s another budget-friendly option12.

Most of the affordable venues in Herefordshire are set in beautiful countryside. About 60% offer places to stay1. This means you don’t have to skimp on beauty or convenience, even when watching your budget.

Intimate Wedding Venues for a Personal Touch

Herefordshire wedding venues offer intimate spaces for a more personal celebration. Small and charming, they’re perfect for a cosy, memorable atmosphere.

Glewstone Court

Glewstone Court is a standout for intimate Herefordshire weddings. It boasts stunning architecture and lush gardens. This spot is known for its elegant yet personal atmosphere, making it a cozy choice for weddings13.

The Green Man

The Green Man offers a warm, inviting setting for weddings. It’s perfect for a relaxed day with close ones. Known for its picturesque scenery, it’s a top choice in Herefordshire13.

For a unique and personal wedding, Herefordshire’s venues like Glewstone Court and The Green Man are ideal. They combine cosiness with elegance, fulfilling every couple’s dreams.

Luxury Wedding Venues Herefordshire

Herefordshire boasts luxury wedding venues for those dreaming of a lavish affair. Choices include The Elms Hotel’s stunning spas to Castle House’s historical charm. Each venue offers an exclusive blend of luxury and elegance, ensuring a memorable day.

Prices for these exquisite venues range from £1,200 to £8,000. This suits various budgets seeking the finest venues in Herefordshire1. Moreover, about 60% of these venues offer accommodation, highlighting their focus on guest comfort and convenience1.

A majority, 70%, of the venues are nestled in beautiful countryside. They offer breathtaking views that are perfect for unforgettable weddings1. Choices include country houses and grand hotels, catered to suit every taste8. For an exclusive celebration, some venues allow multi-night use starting from £5,4001.

luxury wedding venues Herefordshire

Four venues provide tipi or tent weddings for a unique twist1. Adding to the mix, 3 venues offer historic buildings, bringing charm to your day1. Plus, 15% of venues are focused on sustainability, offering green options for weddings1.

Some venues meet specific needs, like allowing no corkage fees during daytime events at 5% of locations1. However, some might restrict vendor choices due to exclusive partnerships, affecting planning flexibility8. All in all, Herefordshire’s luxurious venues promise comfort and unforgettable moments for any dream wedding.

Cool Hotel Wedding Venues for Comfort and Style

Herefordshire is home to stunning hotel wedding venues. They mix modern comfort with historic charm. Ideal for couples wanting a stylish yet cosy wedding day.

The Elms Hotel

The Elms Hotel shines with its top-notch spa services. It’s a peaceful haven for couples and guests during wedding festivities. It’s a gem among Herefordshire’s unique wedding spots, offering luxury in a peaceful countryside.

The Green Dragon Hotel

The Green Dragon Hotel lies in Hereford’s heart, blending old charm with modern luxury. It has 83 carefully designed bedrooms, ensuring a pleasant stay9. The hotel hosts up to 120 wedding guests. It boasts a lovely bridal suite and various meal choices for the wedding breakfast14.

Feature Details
Guest Accommodation 83 well-designed bedrooms
Wedding Breakfast Options Sit-down meals, grazing boards, afternoon tea
Max Guest Capacity 120 guests

Castle House

Castle House offers a beautiful setting for Hereford weddings. Its historic elegance and central location ensure a memorable day. It’s perfect for a hassle-free celebration.

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue

Choosing your dream wedding venue in Herefordshire means thinking about what kind of wedding you want, your budget, and what you personally like. Herefordshire has many options including barns, stately homes, castles, and more to make every couple’s dream come true15. It’s important to find a place that fits your budget and watch out for extra costs like service charges and taxes15.

If you’re looking at luxury venues in Herefordshire, book early. This gives you peace of mind and helps with planning16. Places like Homme House and Longworth Hall offer grand settings for a luxury wedding15. If you’re after something unique, Burton Court has a special vibe for ceremonies15.

For a fairy-tale setting, check out Hampton Court Castle and Eastnor Castle. They have stunning views and historical charm15. Smaller venues like Munstone House and The Cider Barn offer a more personal feel for intimate weddings15. Make sure the venue can accommodate everyone comfortably, including guests with mobility issues16.

Marquee and tipi weddings are great for their flexibility and ability to be personalised. Places like The Orchard at Munsley and Wilde Lodge have beautiful outdoor spaces15. Get in touch with venues early and work with ceremony coordinators. This will help you find the perfect place for your wedding and make planning easier.

Herefordshire Wedding Venues: Discover Stunning Venues.

Herefordshire is known for its diverse wedding venues, from rustic barns to majestic castle estates. Prices for these venues range between £1,200 and £8,000, catering to various budgets and preferences1. Many venues offer exclusive use packages, which include two nights of accommodation1. Couples have a wide choice, including barns, castles, yurts, and unusual structures like tipis and sailcloth tents1.

Some venues focus on being eco-friendly, choosing to source food and drinks locally1.

Herefordshire also boasts country houses, farmhouses, and hotels for all kinds of weddings8. Whether you want a rustic or urban setting, there are plenty of options1. Homme House, Longworth Hall, Glewstone Court Country House, and Parkfields Country House are famous stately homes for weddings15.

If you prefer something cosier, Munstone House, The Cider Barn, and Aylestone Court might be perfect15.

For big events, castles like Hampton Court and Eastnor offer dreamy settings15. There are also beautiful outdoor spots like Brinsop Court Manor House and Barn, Dewsall Court, and The Orchard at Munsley15.

Unique hotel venues include The Elms Hotel and Alexander Park, combining comfort with history15. These places often provide catering, making the wedding planning smoother8.

Marquee and tipi weddings at places like The Orchard at Munsley let couples design their day15. For those watching their budget, community halls and outdoor spaces offer lovely, cost-effective alternatives8.

Venue Type Examples Features
Stately Homes Homme House, Longworth Hall Luxury, Historical Charm15
Barn Wedding Venues Lower House Farm, Lyde Court Rustic Aesthetic, Spacious1
Castle Estates Hampton Court Castle, Eastnor Castle Fairy-tale Setting, Extensive Grounds15
Unique Venues Shack Revolution, Crumplebury Customisable, Nature Embrace1

Herefordshire offers a vast array of venues for every type of wedding. Whether looking for affordability or luxury, there’s something for every couple1815. This variety ensures every wedding is memorable and personal1815.


In summary, Herefordshire is a perfect spot for weddings, with everything from grand houses to rustic barns12. Sites like The Haybarn and The Mill Barns are famous for their charming settings12. Budget-friendly venues like Holmer Park offer great value, with costs starting at £50 per person12.

Luxury seekers will love Brinsop Court Manor House, a top UK wedding spot on Hitched17. Outdoor spots like The Walled Gardens of Cannington Grange mix natural beauty with rustic vibes, costing between £2,500 and £12,50012.

Herefordshire’s venues suit all preferences and budgets, ensuring a beautiful wedding for everyone12. Whether it’s a small event at Glewstone Court or a big celebration at Brinsop Court, couples will find their dream setting here. Choosing a Herefordshire venue makes the wedding even more special, turning every moment into something extraordinary12.


What are some of the best wedding venues in Herefordshire?

Herefordshire is home to beautiful wedding venues like barns and castles. The Mill Barns, Dewsall Court, and Hampton Court Castle stand out. The Orchard at Munsley is also a top pick.

Are there any affordable Herefordshire wedding venues?

Indeed, Herefordshire has affordable wedding venues that still offer great quality. It’s best to contact these venues directly for pricing.

Can you recommend some luxury wedding venues in Herefordshire?

Brinsop Court, The Elms Hotel, and Castle House are Herefordshire’s luxury gems. They offer top-notch amenities for a lavish wedding day.

What are some unique wedding venues in Herefordshire?

For a unique setting, consider Shack Revolution, Crumplebury, or Woodland Tipi. These venues make your wedding day unforgettable.

Are there any good outdoor wedding venues in Herefordshire?

Yes, enjoy Herefordshire’s nature at outdoor venues like Enchanted Woodland Weddings. The Orchard at Munsley is perfect for vows amidst greenery.

Which are the top barn wedding venues in Herefordshire?

The Mill Barns and Hyde House are among the top modern barn venues. For a rustic feel, check out Lower House Farm and Lyde Court.

What are some intimate wedding venues in Herefordshire?

Glewstone Court and The Green Man offer a cosy, personal feel. They’re great for smaller, close-knit celebrations.

Can you recommend any stately home wedding venues in Herefordshire?

Dewsall Court and Pauntley Court bring elegance with large ballrooms and gardens. They cater to up to 300 guests with historical charm.

What are some cool hotel wedding venues in Herefordshire?

The Elms Hotel, The Green Dragon Hotel, and Castle House are trendy hotels. They provide stylish accommodations and modern amenities.

How do I choose the perfect wedding venue in Herefordshire?

Consider your dream wedding style, budget, and preferences. Direct contact with venues is key. Work closely with coordinators to match your vision.

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