Discover the Week of September 25, 2023: Wye Valley Events Guide

Get ready to explore the upcoming events in the picturesque, river-bordered region of the Wye Valley from September 25, 2023. Offering a rich selection of entertaining and culturally enriching experiences, this week is all set to exceed your expectations. From musical concerts to mouth-watering food festivals, and enlightening art exhibitions to thrilling outdoor activities – there’s a treat for everyone. Let’s dive into the week’s highlights.

Monday, 25th September

River Wye Canoeing Adventure

Start your week with an exhilarating Canoeing Adventure on the River Wye. Grab your paddles and embark on a guided journey along the tranquil river, while you soak in the serene beauty of the region. Suitable for all ages, it’s a great opportunity for family fun. All equipment and safety gear will be provided.

Tuesday, 26th September

Hereford Cheese and Cider Tasting

Celebrate the rich culinary heritage of Herefordshire with a delicious cheese and cider tasting event. Sample locally produced artisan cheeses paired perfectly with a tantalising selection of Herefordshire’s renowned ciders. A must-attend for food lovers.

Wednesday, 27th September

Art in Nature Photography Exhibition

Visit the enchanting “Art in Nature” photography exhibition showcasing the stunning landscapes and wildlife of the Wye Valley. This display of masterfully captured images offers a unique perspective of beautiful natural sights in all their splendour.

Thursday, 28th September

Symphonic Extravaganza at Hereford Cathedral

Immerse yourself in an evening of resplendent music and art at the grand Hereford Cathedral. Featuring performances from a renowned local orchestra, the symphonic extravaganza promises to be a blend of invigorating classical masterpieces and contemporary compositions. A sublime experience for music lovers.

Friday, 29th September

Forest Foraging Walk

Embrace the verdant surroundings and learn about edible local plant species during a guided foraging walk in the forest. An expert will guide you through the forest sharing knowledge about how to identify and safely gather edible plants. A grand finale of the week that combines education, adventure and outdoor pleasure.

Weekend Events

As the weekend approaches, the Wye Valley continues to offer a myriad of shows, exhibitions and culinary experiences that are bound to enthral your senses and captivate your imagination. Make sure to explore the Herefordshire event guide to plan your perfect weekend.


Relish the diverse culture, breathtaking landscapes and delectable gastronomy that Wye Valley has to offer. Dive into immersive experiences that form the heart and soul of this vibrant region. Remember, these events are just the highlights – there’s plenty more to be discovered, so don’t forget to explore the Wye Valley fully. Happy adventuring!

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