Discover What’s Happening in Wye Valley: Your Guide for the Week of January 1-7, 2024

Welcome to your comprehensive guide for the week of January 1-7, 2024 in the outstanding Wye Valley. This region, straddling the borders between England and Wales, houses not just picturesque landscapes but also myriad events to start your year on a high note. With activities spanning festivals, fairs, live performances, guided tours, and more, there’s something for everyone, so let’s dive straight in.

January 1, 2024

New Year’s Day Guided Wildlife Walk

Kick off the new year with a brisk winter walk exploring the rich flora and fauna that inhabit Wye Valley. Meet at the Herefordshire Nature Trust and embark on this journey with expert guides. Warm clothing and good boots are recommended.

January 2, 2024

Antique Fair at Ross-on-Wye

Visit the iconic market town Ross-on-Wye and delve into the fascinating world of antiques. The fair showcases a vast range of items from the tiniest collectibles to the most impressive statement pieces; it’s not to be missed.

January 3, 2024

Wye Valley Food and Craft Workshop

Join an introductory session on authentic Herefordshire crafts and cuisine. Local artisans demonstrate their craft, offering hands-on lessons, while chefs share their culinary expertise on local delicacies.

January 4-6, 2024

Wye Valley Music Festival

A three-day extravaganza celebrating local and national music talent in the heart of the Wye Valley. Expect some fantastic live performances, amazing food, and an unforgettable experience.

January 7, 2024

Historical Tour of Hereford Cathedral

Explore the rich history of the Hereford Cathedral, which remains a cornerstone of Wye Valley heritage. Experience the exceptional architecture and intricate artistry that has stood the test of time. Booking ahead is recommended.

Know that Wye Valley, steeped in nature and culture, will charm, entertain, and invigorate you with its warm community and splendid events. Kicking off your year here is guaranteed to leave you with beautiful memories and experiences. Begin your 2024 wound by the allure of the Wye Valley.

We hope this guide proves useful to you and help you make the most of the first week of the new year. For any changes to the event schedules, check the respective websites, and links provided. We wish you a Happy New Year filled with joy, adventures, and wonderful memories in the delightful Wye Valley.

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