Chepstow Walking Festival 2024: Dates & Trails

Calling all walking enthusiasts! The Chepstow Walking Festival 2024 is on the horizon, promising a week filled with adventure and stunning vistas. From Tuesday 2nd April to Sunday 7th April 2024, avid hikers and casual ramblers alike will gather in the picturesque Wye Valley for a series of enticing walking routes.

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Whether you’re seeking tranquillity, a vigorous challenge, or a guided tour brimming with local history, this festival is your gateway to some of the most breath-taking walking holidays the UK has to offer. While the official programme is still being polished to perfection, over 30 remarkable trails have already pledged their involvement. Keep your eyes peeled for bookings opening soon, and prepare to lace up your boots for an unbeatable walking event in Chepstow.

Key Takeaways

  • The Chepstow Walking Festival is a significant event for anyone interested in guided and self-led walking adventures.
  • Over 30 diverse walking trails across Monmouthshire and the Wye Valley will be part of the upcoming festival programme.
  • A variety of walking experiences cater to all capabilities, ensuring enjoyment and challenge for every participant.
  • Bookings for the festival will be announced later in the month, with opportunities to explore the natural beauty surrounding Chepstow.
  • Participants are encouraged to stay informed on the festival details through local resources and publications.
  • The Chepstow Walking Festival is part of a broader network of walking events across the UK, enhancing the community’s walking culture.

About Chepstow Walking Festival

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Immerse yourself in the natural splendour of Monmouthshire with outdoor activities in Chepstow, designed to entice walking enthusiasts from all corners. The Chepstow Walking Festival is a cornerstone event not only in Chepstow’s calendar but also amongst revered hiking trails in Monmouthshire. Opening doors to some of the most scenic nature walks Chepstow has to offer, this festival crystallises the town’s status as a treasured walking hub.

Boasting the accolade as the first Walkers are Welcome town within the region, Chepstow magnifies its commitment to the walking community, showcasing a slew of engaging, educational, and guided walks in Wales. This festival’s inception blooms from a heart of volunteerism and a collaboration between passionate locals and robust support from area councils and relevant organisations. Their unified aim? To deliver a sublime walking experience that invigorates both the soul and the soles!

The festival’s tapestry interweaves the core values of community and recreation, providing a cavalcade of activities to suit everyone—from the casual rambler to the seasoned trekker. Here’s what to expect:

  1. A curated selection of picturesque trails, ranging from serene riverside paths to challenging long-distance treks.
  2. An engaging programme of hikes, steeped in local history and native wildlife, expertly guided by local enthusiasts.
  3. A celebration of community might, highlighting volunteerism and the festival’s role in enhancing local and visitor walking experiences.

If you’re eager to step into the festival or contribute with ideas or volunteerism, Chepstow Walkers are Welcome warmly invites you to reach out and become an integral thread in this richly woven community fabric.

Set against the backdrop of verdant landscapes and historical landmarks of the Lower Wye Valley, the Chepstow Walking Festival encapsulates the very essence of adventure, education, and community spirit. Don your hiking boots, gather your spirits, and prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey of exploration through Chepstow’s captivating terrains.

Exploring Monmouthshire’s Hidden Gems

The county of Monmouthshire is a treasure trove of idyllic landscapes, offering an array of both guided and self-guided walks to satisfy the desires of every explorer. With a wide spectrum of trails, visitors can experience immersive journeys through lush woodlands and historic trails, uncovering the marvels of this captivating corner of Wales. Whether one prefers the knowledgeable accompaniment of a guide or the liberty to tread at one’s own tempo, Monmouthshire caters to all.

Guided and Self-Guided Walks

For those seeking an insightful expedition, guided walks in Wales provide an educational deep dive into the local flora, fauna, and historical narratives that shape Monmouthshire. These walking tours in Chepstow and beyond are led by knowledgeable guides, ready to share secrets of the landscape only a local would know. Meanwhile, travellers looking for a serene escapade can delve into self-guided walks with the help of meticulously crafted guidebooks. Chepstow Books and Gifts offers a selection that caters to wanderers of every pace and interest, including the ‘Short and Easy Walks’ guide, which simplifies navigation through the county’s natural beauty.

Themes and Varied Landscapes

The versatility of the region’s terrain is brought to life in the variety of walks accessible to festival attendees. From the gentle, meandering trails along the River Wye, known as Lower Wye rambles, to the more challenging ascents that unveil panoramic views, each path promises a unique adventure. These varied landscapes ensure that there’s a route to suit every mood and moment.

Trail Type Experience Level Duration Scenic Highlights
Riverside Amble Beginner 1-2 hours Tranquil waterside paths, abundant birdlife
Forest Trek Intermediate 2-3 hours Dense woodlands, ancient trees
Mountain Hike Advanced 4+ hours Elevated vistas, rolling hills

Monmouthshire’s hidden gems await to be discovered by those eager for an adventure. Be it through a sociable, guided tour or a moment of solitary reflection on a self-guided walk, the experience remains a personal and memorable journey into the heart of the Welsh countryside.

Chepstow Walking Festival 2024: Dates & Highlights

Prepare to mark your calendars for an unforgettable sojourn into the great outdoors, as the much-anticipated Chepstow Walking Festival 2024 draws near. With the event slated to run from Tuesday 2nd to Sunday 7th April, the festival is a promise of delights for both experienced hikers and those new to the joys of trekking in nature.

While enthusiasts eagerly await the release of the full programme, which will feature over 30 diverse walking routes in the Wye Valley, a prelude to the wealth of experiences in store will be presented in the upcoming March edition of Country Walking. This spotlight on outdoor activities in Chepstow will offer an insightful glimpse of what’s to be expected and serve as an inspiration to budding and veteran walkers alike.

As the festival approaches, bookings are set to open, inviting adventurers to secure their spot on what promises to be a journey through some of the most breathtaking landscapes the area has to offer. The festival highlights a range of activities, from leisurely strolls to more strenuous hikes, ensuring that there’s something tailored for walkers of all preferences and fitness levels.

Moreover, those wishing to carry a piece of this enriching experience home can wander into the renowned Chepstow Books and Gifts. Here, you’ll find a variety of guidebooks and maps dedicated to the festival’s inspiring routes, making it easy to relive your adventures or embark on new ones long after the festival’s conclusion.

  • Event spanning from Tuesday 2nd to Sunday 7th April 2024.
  • A vibrant selection of over 30 walking trails accommodating diverse interests and abilities.
  • Bookings for the festival opening later this month.
  • Preview of the festival to feature in the March issue of Country Walking.
  • Exceptional walking resources available at Chepstow Books and Gifts.

The Chepstow Walking Festival 2024 is not just an event; it is a showcase of the community’s passionate commitment to celebrating the beauty and spirit of walking. Be sure to join in and experience the vibrancy of the festival that places Chepstow on the map as a top destination for walkers from all over the United Kingdom and beyond.

Joining the Walks: What You Need to Know

The Chepstow Walking Festival is an eagerly anticipated event in the calendar of walking enthusiasts not just in Monmouthshire, but across the UK. Ensuring you’re well prepared will enhance your enjoyment, allowing you to fully embrace the beauty and camaraderie of the festivities. Here is some essential travel information for those looking to secure their Chepstow Walking Festival tickets and join the myriad of Monmouthshire walking events.

Booking Your Tickets

Prospective walkers are encouraged to remain vigilant for when ticket bookings go live. Oftentimes, these coveted passes are snapped up quickly by both seasoned trekkers eager to discover new trails and by newcomers excited to join the walking community. To avoid missing out on this vibrant outdoor gathering, keep an eye on the official festival sources and local walking event diaries for the latest updates.

Map & Directions to Chepstow Walking Festival

Located on the cusp where England meets Wales, Chepstow serves as the gateway to a walker’s paradise. Seamless travel to the festival is guaranteed, with comprehensive travel information readily available. For those journeying to partake in the festivities, whether by car, train, or on foot, reliable sources provide detailed directions ensuring you arrive promptly and with ease.

Transport Starting Point Frequency Duration Notes
Train Cardiff Central Hourly Approx. 45 mins Direct to Chepstow Station
Bus Bristol Bus Station Every 2 hours Approx. 1hr 20mins Stops at Chepstow Bus Terminal
Car M4 Motorway N/A Varies Parking available near festival grounds

Whether you’re a seasoned rambler or a newcomer to the walking scene, the Chepstow Walking Festival offers an unmatched opportunity to take in the natural splendour of Monmouthshire. Secure your tickets early, plot your journey, and step into an experience that will linger long in your memory. Remember to check back for the most current Chepstow Walking Festival travel information to ensure that your adventure begins smoothly.

Festival Collaborations and Special Events

The Chepstow Walking Festival stands as a testament to a community united by a love for the great outdoors, facilitated largely by the proactive efforts of the community group Chepstow Walkers are Welcome. This vibrant festival finds its strength in unity, underscoring the collaborative spirit that thrives in the picturesque Lower Wye Valley walking landscape. A synergetic atmosphere is palpable throughout the event, crafted through the tireless contributions of local volunteers and the strategic partnerships established with key stakeholders including Chepstow Town Council and Monmouthshire County Council. These relationships have given birth to a myriad of collaborative walking events, enhancing the diversity and appeal of the festival.

As part of the wider Walkers are Welcome UK Network, Chepstow’s annual walking fête is a beacon of shared experiences and inclusive ambience. The unity of purpose and passion for walking brings forth special events that delight walkers from all walks of life, cementing the festival as a central feature in the UK’s walking calendar.

  • Partnerships with local authorities and organisations bring resources and expertise that enrich the festival.
  • Exclusive walking routes and activities designed to foster engagement and enjoyment for every participant.
  • A wide range of events caters to various interests, skill levels, and walking preferences throughout the Lower Wye Valley.
  • The true essence of community engagement is exhibited through the active involvement of local walking enthusiasts.

“The Chepstow Walking Festival is more than just a collection of walks; it’s a collaboration that spotlights the very best of our local landscape and community spirit. It’s here that footpaths are more than mere trails – they’re the threads that weave our community together, and we welcome every step taken on them.” – Chepstow Walkers are Welcome

With the collective goal to nurture a welcoming and vibrant walking environment, the festival has become a cherished tradition, eagerly anticipated by residents and visitors alike. The success of the affair lies not just in the picturesque trails but in the heart of the community that comes together, year after year, to celebrate the joy of walking, nature, and camaraderie in the stunning environs of Chepstow and the Lower Wye Valley.

Meeting the Walkers Community

At the Chepstow Walking Festival, the tapestry of the trail is interwoven with hearty conversations and shared laughter. It’s here where the runners meet the ramblers, where friendships are formed over the love of a good hike, and where every step is about more than just reaching the next waypoint.

Creating Bonds Over Guided Walks

Part of the magic that walking events Chepstow conjure is the community spirit that flourishes on every path and hillside. The festival celebrates this community by conducting guided walks that become the birthplace of many a friendship. These excursions, with their shared experiences, often leave participants with more than just beautiful memories; they offer companionship found in the mutual love for nature walks Chepstow presents.

Enjoying the Outdoors: Family and Solo Walkers

Whether it’s a multi-generational family embarking on one of the specially tailored family walking routes, or an intrepid soul seeking solitude on solo adventure trails, Chepstow’s festival tailors to everyone. The festival believes that the great outdoors is for sharing, be it in jubilant groups or serene moments of individual reflection amidst nature’s bounty.

Walk Type Experience Ideal for Expectations
Family Heritage Trail Beginner-friendly Families with children Informative, relaxed, and interactive.
Solo Sunset Climb Intermediate Individuals or small groups Majestic views with a touch of tranquility.
Community Woodland Wander All levels Community groups Engaging conversations amidst diverse flora.

The festival extends beyond just physical activity; it’s an anchorage for community walking experiences, where every trail walk is a shared journey, and every viewpoint a chance to connect with fellow enthusiasts. Embrace the call of Chepstow’s lush landscapes and become part of a walking community that grows with every step.

Walks for Every Ability and Interest

With the Chepstow Walking Festival on the horizon, enthusiasts of the great outdoors are invited to partake in a symphony of diverse walking trails that resonate with every step. Whether you’re the type to conquer peaks or someone who finds solace in a peaceful valley ramble, there’s a path that’s been crafted just for you. The festival prides itself on offering an inclusive array of walking routes for all abilities, each designed to provide a personalised walking experience and cater to a variety of interests.

The charm of Chepstow’s walking heritage is its adaptability—whether you’re embarking solo, with family, or in a group, each trail tells its own tale. The festival doesn’t just promise a standard saunter; it proposes a spectrum of enticing Chepstow guided tours that will unlock the deeper narratives etched into the landscape. The local guides’ intimate knowledge of every leaf and stone turns a simple hike into an immersive storytelling session, where the legends of Chepstow’s past add an enriching layer to your journey.

  • Family-friendly explorations: Safe and engaging routes that delight every generation.
  • Adventurous escapades: For those who seek a challenge, rigorous terrains that test your mettle await.
  • Cultural journeys: Meander through historical sites and soak in the area’s rich cultural legacy.
  • Nature’s own pace: Breathe in the beauty at your own leisure on self-guided tours with well-crafted guidebooks.

True to our vision of ensuring no one misses out on the beauty of Chepstow, comprehensive care is taken to shape excursions that accommodate different needs and aspirations. Whether you’re desiring a meditative solo retreat or an exhilarating group expedition, the festival’s programme includes

Category Description Trail Example
Easy Gentle routes perfect for beginners or those who prefer a relaxed pace. A serene walk through Chepstow’s historic town centre.
Moderate Provides a suitable challenge for regular hikers, balancing ease and engagement. The captivating trails leading through the heart of Wye Valley.
Strenuous For the experienced hiker seeking a vigorous outing across rugged landscapes. An ascent of the nearby peaks offering panoramic views.

Encapsulating the essence of an event that showcases the very best of walking in Wales, the Chepstow Walking Festival is not merely an event; it’s an invitation to discover and delight in escapades aligned with your passion for trekking. So, whether you find joy in a solitary promenade or the collective rhythm of a guided expedition, prepare to lace up your boots for personalised walking experiences that await at Chepstow.

Health and Safety at the Forefront

The Chepstow Walking Festival is an event where the wellbeing of its participants is given the utmost priority. Emphasizing safe walking practices, the organisers have a robust commitment to health guidelines for events and are dedicated to providing a safe environment conducive to joy and exploration. In this spirit, the festival upholds a rigorous stance on safety, ensuring that every hiker’s experience is not only enjoyable but also secure.

Guidelines for a Safe Walking Experience

The festival’s guidelines are committed to fostering an environment where walkers can enjoy the stunning trails and company without worry. These guidelines integrate the best practices for outdoor activities, from advising on proper footwear to suggesting suitable hydration and nutrition intake for endurance. These recommendations are put forth to ensure that every attendee can participate in the event confidently, safeguarded by knowledge and preparation.

Continual Updates from Welsh and UK Governments

Understanding the dynamic nature of outdoor event health advisories, the festival’s organisers are diligent in their cognisance of the latest advice from the Welsh and UK Governments. With a proactive approach to government advisories for walkers, they pledge to adapt the festival’s operations in line with any new guidelines. This responsiveness is central to the festival’s operation, ensuring that the most current, evidence-based measures are in place to maintain optimal safety throughout the event.

In consideration of ongoing public health concerns, attendees are encouraged to visit the festival’s website or contact the organisers for the most up-to-date information regarding Chepstow Walking Festival safety measures. It is through these informed and well-executed plans that the festival can safeguard the health of its community, allowing participants to revel in the scenic grandeur of Chepstow with peace of mind.

Improving Your Outdoor Skills

Embarking on a journey through the Chepstow nature trails presents a unique chance to elevate one’s proficiency in the great outdoors. The Chepstow Walking Festival goes beyond a mere exploration of picturesque landscapes; it stands as a catalyst for enhancing walking techniques and outdoor adventure skills. Under the guidance of local experts who are well-versed in the nooks and crannies of Monmouthshire’s terrain, every step becomes an opportunity to learn and grow.

As participants traverse the varying levels of difficulty offered by the curated trails, they entrench themselves deeper into the art of walking. These experiences, fortified by the festival’s commitment to skill-building walking activities, not only augment one’s physical capabilities but also instil a profound appreciation for nature’s majesties.

  • Beginner walkers can learn the basics of pacing and navigation amidst the serene ambience of the riverside paths.
  • Intermediates might delve deeper into endurance strategies and advanced footwork on the undulating countryside.
  • Seasoned hikers can tackle the more arduous terrain, focussing on fine-tuning their skills for long-distance treks.

These richly variegated environments enable attendees to tailor their festival experience directly to their skill level, ensuring that each person’s journey aligns with their individual goals. The festival’s workshops and guided walks are specially structured to cater to this educative facet of the walking experience.

“Monmouthshire’s landscapes offer the perfect classroom for honing your outdoor skills. There’s truly no substitute for the hands-on learning you’ll gain on Chepstow’s trails.” – Words from a seasoned guide at the festival.

In essence, the Chepstow Walking Festival is an invitation to embrace the many facets of walking. It challenges participants to push boundaries, redefine personal limits, and ultimately emerge from the experience not just as walkers but as well-rounded adventurers of the natural world.

The Wider Walking Festivals’ Calendar in the UK

Enthusiasts exploring the UK’s walking trails are treated to a tapestry of events that crisscross the entire kingdom, celebrating the natural splendour that this landscape affords. The Chepstow Walking Festival serves as a shining beacon within a constellation of gatherings that span from Wales to England and beyond. Offering an eclectic array of experiences, these occasions cater to the novice and the aficionado alike. For those keen on becoming seasoned ‘Festival Baggers’, the UK walking festival calendar is brimming with opportunities to connect with the environment and like-minded individuals.

From Crickhowell to the Isle of Wight

The range of walking festivals in the UK offers an abundance of choices. One can stroll through the Crickhowell walking events, renowned not just for their scenic beauty but also for their community spirit and engaging guided tours. Meanwhile, a ferry-ride away, the Isle of Wight walking routes call out to those who favour coastal panoramas and soft seaside trails that unfold the island’s unique geological narratives. Each festival provides a platform for adventurers to appreciate the outdoors, recharge their spirits in the presence of natural terrain, and forge warm memories.

Seasonal Walking Festivals Across the UK

Seasonal variations bestow each walking festival with a unique character; what one experiences in the blooming trails in spring can differ vastly from the autumnal hues that can be relished later in the year. Whether one seeks the golden tones of falling leaves or the fresh, verdant pathways that herald warmer days, there exists a harmonious alignment of events across the UK to fulfil every walker’s preference. These festivals not only promote physical wellness but also encapsulate a communal essence, spotlighting the sprawling beauty of the UK’s landscapes through every season.

The Independent Hostel Guide elegantly complements this UK walking festival calendar by offering trekkers simplified itinerary planning with its comprehensive hostelling solutions and budget-friendly accommodations. Its offerings encourage walkers to immerse in the joy of seasonal UK walking festivals, providing a practical approach to explore the land’s walking havens while nurturing the love for outdoor adventure.

  • Spring awakens with the vivid greens and blossoms, setting an inspirational scene for the early-year walking festivals
  • Summer shines upon the myriad of trails, inviting a surge of enthusiasts to Britain’s open landscapes
  • Autumn’s crisp air and rustling leaves play host to festivals that celebrate the seasonal transition with reflective walks
  • Winter, though quieter, still delights the hardy souls with frost-framed vistas and the pristine silence of nature’s reprieve

Gathering experiences from the ranging festivals within the UK—from the rural delights of the Crickhowell walking events to the coastal escapades of the Isle of Wight—will no doubt enrich the soul of any zealous wanderer. The UK, with its vast and varied terrains, rightly earns its place as a hub for seasonal walking enthusiasts who revel in exploring the serene countryside, the undulating hills, and the heritage-rich trails that knit together the nation’s walking enthusiasts.


As we draw closer to April 2024, the anticipation for the Chepstow Walking Festival 2024 is palpable among walking aficionados across the UK. This festival, ingrained in the very fabric of Monmouthshire’s outdoor activities, has become synonymous with some of the finest walking holidays the UK can offer. With a blend of guided adventures that cater to the curious and the knowledgeable, and the freedom of self-guided explorations for those who chart their own course, the festival commands a pivotal presence in the walking calendar.

Significant among the many Walkers are Welcome achievements, Chepstow’s charm lies in its ability to weave community spirit with the natural allure of Wales. It’s here that outdoor enthusiasts find common ground, challenging themselves on undulating paths while sharing stories and creating bonds under the wide sky. Outdoor activities Chepstow has become a hallmark for quality and variety, ensuring every visitor departs with enriched experiences and, often, the eagerness to return.

The countdown to the Chepstow Walking Festival 2024 thus isn’t just about marking days off a calendar; it’s about preparing to embark on journeys that capture the essence of the region, the thrill of the walk, and the warmth of community. If you’ve not yet considered joining this distinguished gathering, let this be the nudge to take that first step towards what promises to be an event that celebrates more than just walking – it celebrates the very act of discovery itself.


When are the dates for the Chepstow Walking Festival 2024?

The Chepstow Walking Festival 2024 is scheduled to take place from Tuesday 2nd April to Sunday 7th April 2024.

What can I expect in terms of walking routes and trails?

Over 30 walking routes across Monmouthshire and the Wye Valley have been confirmed, catering to a variety of interests and abilities, with more details on each walk to be announced in the full programme.

How can I get involved in the outdoor activities at Chepstow?

You can participate in the guided walks during the Chepstow Walking Festival, or pick up a guide like the ‘Short and Easy Walks’ booklet from local outlets for independent adventures in Monmouthshire’s landscape.

Are there guided walks available in Wales as part of the festival?

Yes, guided walks are a key feature of the festival, with expert volunteers leading various expeditions through the region’s stunning scenery.

What is the process for booking tickets for the walking events?

Ticketing details and booking information for the Chepstow Walking Festival will soon be released. Keep an eye on the official website and local publications for updates.

How do I get to Chepstow for the walking festival?

Chepstow is easily accessible from both Wales and England, with the Events Diary and local resources providing travel information and directions.

What special events are planned in collaboration with the local community?

The festival organisers, in partnership with community groups and councils, are planning a variety of special events to enrich the experience. More details on these events will be released closer to the festival dates.

How can I meet other walkers and become part of the community?

Guided walks are an excellent way to connect with fellow walkers, and the festival promotes communal activities to foster a sense of fellowship amongst participants.

Are the walks at the Chepstow Walking Festival suited for all levels of experience?

Absolutely, the festival caters to everyone from seasoned hikers to casual walkers, with a variety of trails that vary in difficulty and scenic interest.

What health and safety measures will be in place at the festival?

The festival will enforce strict health and safety guidelines to ensure the wellbeing of all participants, in line with current Welsh and UK government advice.

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